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The Connect to Greatness®, Greatness Academic Academy is a service  provided to our students offering individualized supplemental learning to move students at various academic levels from good to great in a variety of subjects including reading, writing, Spanish, math, and college preparedness. 

Theresa-Lynda D'Souza

Theresa-Lynda D'Souza

Program Manager

Theresa-Lynda is a dedicated leader committed to improving the lives of vulnerable populations through academic enrichment and mentoring throughout her community. 

She has worked as a volunteer and academic tutor for the past 14 years providing 1:1 tutoring for a variety of subjects including Reading/Language Arts, Writing, and Spanish. Working with elementary students to collegiate athletes, 

Theresa-Lynda is very passionate about providing students with a strong foundation and the tools they need to succeed. 

Theresa-Lynda’s passion for education and mentoring started as a freshman at The University of Florida when she began volunteering at an underserved elementary school through the Collegiates Helping As Mentors in Public Schools (C.H.A.M.P.S.). 

Currently, Theresa-Lynda volunteers and provides academic tutoring for students with Connect to Greatness®, Inc.

By connecting students with supplemental resources and one on one teaching, students have the ability to learn at their own pace without judgment.

We work with students and parents to personalize and schedule each session to meet their needs.  In some cases, sessions may be mandatory in preparation for exams etc. 

The Greatness Academic Academy aims to sharpen critical thinking skills while building greater confidence within our male students enabling them to succeed in the classroom and throughout life.

– Facilitator  and Coach, Theresa-Lynda D’Souza

Connect to Greatness, Inc. relies on support from our community.
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