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In The Spotlight on Leonard Earl Bryant: He’s Passionate About Helping Young Black Males Make Good Decisions

Leonard Earl Bryant came to Connect to Greatness for the simple reason of wanting to assist young Black males in making good decisions about their future. He’s retired from working in higher education and now enjoys being with his family, reading and playing sports.

1) Why did you want to get involved with Connect to Greatness?

My reason for getting involved with Connect to Greatness is very simple. It primarily focuses on a group that is very dear to me: Black young males. In addition, it’s a way of paying it forward for those who have helped me.

2) What do you hope to gain from your involvement with Connect to Greatness?

I hope by sharing some of my experiences, presenting thought provoking questions and allowing the young “men” to express themselves, may assist them with their decision making. 

3) Tell us about yourself.

I was born in New York City but raised in The South Bronx. However, I lived in various parts of New York State. For the past 23+ years, I have resided in South Florida. I am currently retired. However, I worked in Higher Education for 25+ years (Stony Brook University, Columbia University, Ithaca College, Palm Beach State College and others). I also worked for several not-for-profit organizations. In addition, I worked for The Black Championship Radio, owned my own business, and did work as a freelance consultant as well as officiated sporting events.

Currently, my favorite thing to do is being with my loving and caring family. In addition, I like helping others, playing bridge and stickball, reading about Black history, swimming, basketball, table games and watching westerns.

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