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Connect to Greatness (C2G) wants to be a “real” community partner with your organization. Our vision is to ignite the curiosity and creativity of African American/Black boys and empower them to re-imagine their lives personally, socially and academically with an innovative mindset. In partnership, we can connect your organization’s desire to be part of real community change with opportunities that directly impact our most under-resourced youth to become change makers in the world.

Promote Connect to Greatness to your employees via your volunteer programs as an opportunity to build their leadership while learning from our youth.  Opportunities include:

1. Becoming a C2G Facilitator. Our facilitators present topics that are relevant, relatable and connect to real-world concerns of youth. The goal is to engage our youth in inquiry, reflection, and solutions that they co-create. Become a facilitator in our Boys to Men Leadership Academy or our Women of Boys Empowerment Program.

2. Helping to build community greatness. There are some phenomenal opportunities to get the community excited and participating in the spirit of giving. Our Scholars on the Move Scholarship Fund is one of those opportunities. Partner with us to make our goal of establishing a $100,000 Connect to Greatness, Scholars on the Move Scholarship Fund a reality.

3. Leading by example. Stand beside us and lead in this work. Your expertise and leadership on our Board, advisory committees and leading some of our most important projects, will be the differentiator that creates impact.

4. Making a tax-deductible donation. Make a tax-deductible contribution to support the overall work of Connect to Greatness. With every donation, we will be able to create a knowledge rich gateway to high school for our middle school youth so that are ready to become change makers in the world.

5. Become an organization sponsor. There is always much to do! Community projects, program activities, celebration ceremonies and so much more. Consider sponsoring one of our upcoming events to ensure it’s a huge community success story. Work with us to build greatness one event at a time.

6. Design a new/unique opportunity. Can you think of other ways to partner with Connect to Greatness that will help us impact change in the community? Tell us about it. Fill out the contact form on our main page and put “My Partnership Idea” in the message box along with your comment. We welcome innovative, re-imaged ways of building greatness in our youth and the community.

Are you passionate about ensuring the emotional, social, psychological, and academic well-being of our African American/Black boys? Click here to sign up as a volunteer with Connect to Greatness, Inc. today!

Connect to Greatness, Inc. relies on support from our community.
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