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C2G Coaches are men who know the importance of being a positive male figure for young boys. The C2G Coach is genuinely motivated to be the guide and support for young middle school boys as they are making the journey to high school. C2G Coaches are not perfect men, but they are men who are committed to being present and willing to “show up” for our boys.

We know that mentoring is extremely important and valuable in establishing and building one-on-one relationships with young boys. In addition to building those relationships, we will focus on empowering our boys to do the “inside out” work of understanding who they are through self-discovery learning sessions. Session topics may include social responsibility, leadership, peer pressure, decision making etc. We believe the essence of a coach is to teach the fundamentals. The learning sessions are the “fundamentals” required for our boys to chart their course to becoming great men. Our C2G Coaches are the key to unlocking the greatness within our young boys.

Coaches, your boys will be known as “Lil Gents” (Little Gentlemen). It is extremely important that we display and model a level of respect for them so that they can in turn expect that of and for themselves.

C2G Coaches are expected to have a minimum of 6-8 face time hours per month as well as communication via text or group chats. The expectation of the quality of interaction is to be supportive in nature of the needs and goals of the individual Gent within the guidelines and philosophy of Connect o Greatness Inc.

If chosen as an “accountability coach” you will directly work with that Gent to ensure their progress and accountability. You will then work as a team with the other coaches to empower the entire cohort of Gents to be successful.

Yes, C2G Coaches will go through a four- hour training session focused on the mission, state laws, mandatory requirements, listening techniques, and fundamentals of coaching/mentoring. The training session will take place in April (date TBD) at Atlantic Community HS.

Yes, the safety of our boys is our top priority and yes, you must pay the fee directly to the reporting agency (PBSO). The reason for the background check is a no-brainer, right?

Everyone who has not had a background check within the last 5 years will be required to complete one, except teachers and law enforcement officers. Currently employed teachers and law enforcement officers in lieu of the background check, will be required to sign an acknowledgement that they have been cleared and are currently employed with the school or department. In addition, we will require a copy of their current badge for our files.

Background checks will cost $27 and results are typically returned within 5-7 days of receipt. Connect to Greatness will provide you with a letter acknowledging the request for the background check to provide to the reporting agency.

The organization has a goal of recruiting a cohort of 10-15 6th grade boys during the 2017-2018 school year. Success will be graduating 85%-100% of the cohort through the 15-week program with them having met 80-90% of their own individual goals.

The Gents level of engagement will measure the success of a coach. Are they attending the learning sessions? Are they planning and setting goals? Are they reflecting and making progress toward accomplishing their goals? Are you seeing a shift in their attitude, behavior etc.

The boys will be setting their own personal goals at the beginning of the program. Goals such as “I want to control my anger” or “I want to get better at math” or “I want to get more organized”, may be important for some of our Gents. Whatever their goals are, the boys will measure success ultimately by feeling they have grown, accomplished some or all the goals they have set for themselves, and feeling more prepared for the next year of their life.

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